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Thadeus was the captain of the Osiris, and the lover of its first mate, Jue. He was also a friend of Niobe.


Early LifeEdit[]

Thadeus was one of the many people from the sixth Matrix who took the Redpill and got exposed to the real world.

First FlightEdit[]

Thadeus later became captain of the Osiris and was one of the best captains of any vehicle.

Final FlightEdit[]

When his ship was attacked by Sentinels upon the discovery of an army digging to Zion, Thadeus dispatched Jue to deliver a critical message to warn them. Even though he never used drops because he didn't trust them, he knew that he had no choice if the message were to be delivered in time.

The message was delivered, but the Osiris was destroyed shortly afterward, killing Thadeus and his entire crew.


  • Final Flight of the Osiris
  • Enter the Matrix (Broadcast only)